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Friday, December 24, 2010

A grand tour, my TriForce temple and all about Nazis

In this video I show the latest builds I have done to the game. I built a TriForce temple where I spawn for example. I dodge a couple of suicide bombers and fight a skeleton.

I also get on a bit of a rant about modern Nazis and who they might be and how we might identify them etc. I don't mean to call anyone or imply anyone is a Nazi (I have to be careful because in Canada we don't have free speech) but I do try and explain why and how I use the term and why my use is not obfuscating, but a real analysis of a current threat. I need to clarify because I use the term a lot on my website

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  1. I think Joseph Kennedy won the US quisling prize over Grand-Poppy Bush.

    P.S. Captcha is on.