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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Ok, so I've decided to start a new Minecraft game and blog about it. I hope to include maps, video, tutorials and all the other stuff.

I'll be mapping the world with Cartograph . I should warn anyone that tries this app that it crashed my game and I couldn't get it started again. Java reported that it couldn't start the virtual engine. I searched everywhere for a solution but couldn't find anything that worked. I tried installing and uninstalling Java and Minecraft to no avail. Eventually I figured out that I needed the Java Tools installed - and presto! It worked! I posted my fix in the Minecraft forum so hopefully that'll save someone some anguish.

I'll also be using texture packs that I'll probably be modifying the hell out of so don't be surprised if it ends up looking pretty unique. I'll post any mods on the download page.

I'll also post the world itself for download as I go along.

Oh yeah, I'm not going to use any map editors.


  1. Everyone is talking about Minecraft.

    Maybe I should buy it and try it out soon.

  2. Minecraft is simply awesome!
    Im looking forward to good things from this blog.