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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Minecraft Desktop Wallpaper

I took some screen captures to use as wallpaper and thought I'd share.

This is a little beach house. In the back is a huge cave and dungeon. I built a mob trap there that'll produce feathers all day. I have hardly even begun to search the cave. It's huge!

This is the triforce temple (spawn area) from the water. I added lava to make it easier to see. In multiplayer mod it seems half the time I spawn in the lava!

More triforce temple and Waterfall Cove (my first build).

This is the main entrance to Waterfall Cove.

This is my giant mob trap as seen from inside. You can watch the monsters and animals getting burned up and then collect whatever they drop on the beach. This is only one half of the trap. The other collector is accessible through the door.

This is the other collector.

This is the center of the giant mob trap. You can see both collectors from here.

This is the topside of the mob trap. The other side is built the same way. Monsters and animals get trapped in the water and swooshed into the lave. Anything they drop is swept into one of the collectors.

This is the mob trap from above. As you can see it's fairly large. I intend to make the river that feeds it much longer.

This is a view from on top of the mob trap looking up the river.

A tower I built. I'm probably going to build a few more.

This is inside Gravehome which is located below the large mob trap. For some strange reason the server removed all the pictures I had placed everywhere. They looked pretty good... really they did. The stairs beside the chest and ovens leads to the next picture via a dungeon.

The stairs above lead here. I have torches up so the box won't make monsters.

This is the very bottom level of Gravehome and beyond the first dungeon. There is another dungeon located up an underground waterfall further ahead.

And finally here is a pic of some neighbors taken from the top of Waterfall Cove. It looks like quite a party but I don't see any beer so I think I'll pass.


  1. Cool photos! I love a good throwback game. Following :)

  2. Wow that is awesome, now I know how I'm going to be spending the rest of my day -_-

  3. I love mincraft. that game is phenomenal! youre really good at building those buildings! Really great blog by the way... it's very interesting. I'll definitely follow. If you have any time check out my poem blog too! Chao!