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Monday, January 17, 2011

Server Update

The 8 gigs of ram has come in, now I just need a power supply. Does anyone know what I should run the server on? It's just a little java app. I was thinking server 2008 x64 r2. I seriously hate Linux. I really do. I mean it's fancy and super great but it is just too goddamn complicated. I ran it for a few years and finally gave up when I decided getting shit done was more important to me than saving money or gaining a few bogomips. So if I can use Linux without having to spend the next 5 years of my life memorizing command line and sorting out dependencies then I might do it otherwise... forget it.

So yeah, please, any suggestions?


  1. You need that good of a server for minecraft? I thought it wasn't that heavy ^^

    Except if you are hosting a huge server with many people :)

    Id go with the 2008

  2. I run an amahi server for streaming and "stuff". It's completely painless - I've been running it headless for over a year.