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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Lighting beds and half blocks for minecraft

So I just snapped a few pics of the bed and the lighting. I think the bed was a nice addition since you can sleep in it at night and wake up in the morning:

I'm not sure about the light. It just seems like a texture pack though it's nice and smooth:

The bed looks more like an army cot

Yeah, I really did carve this room out. The stairs at the far end now connect with Spiderhome and Waterfall Cove by way of another huge underground chamber.
The glass floor is over a zombie mob cube so you can see them.
I took this from a new tower. I'm still not sure what I'm going to make here. The pyramid roof is on top of the mob tower.
At the far end of the room beside the ovens you can see the collector for the mob tower. The door in the middle of the room leads to the zombie mob generator. I intend to make this an arena - some day.


  1. So glad beds were added, tired of making dumb looking ones with cloth and wood blocks.

  2. @Rabidmoose and they serve a purpose too!

  3. I love how this game keeps changing, the creators keep updating it its great
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  4. @ Suciô Sanchez, yes since monsters mostly come out at night it's a good way to avoid them.