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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Map Making for Minecraft

I thought I would explain how to make a map in minecraft.

What you'll need:

Cartograph g
Paint program (I use since it's free and awesome)

Run Cartograph.

Select the world you want to map.

Select the options you want and press render (warning: it can take a while and might seem like it isn't working).

Selecting Isometric will give you the map type I am using here.

Once the map is made open it with (or whatever you use).

I zoomed in and cropped the image to the city (Apvia). I then labeled the areas using Ariel (22pt and 14pt). For the arrows I used wingdings.

For anyone following my blog Gravehome is right under The Silly House and Spiderhome is located just sw of Mob Tower (underground). Tunnels now connect The Arena, Waterfall Cove, Gravehome and Spiderhome.

This is Lakewood:

The Red Road is new and doesn't lead anywhere yet. The Portal is connected to the portal in Apvia and two others along the road. Unfortunately the portals won't function in server mode but for now they save me a lot of travel time. I'll post more about them later.