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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Minecraft Epic Palace Project

I thought I better post some pictures of the palace I'm working on before I get too far ahead of myself:

This is the palace at a distance. It is entered through a door at the beginning of the tunnel entrance. The tunnel goes to Lakewood.

This is closer still. It's easier to see the tunnel. It's very long. Eventually I'll put the palace entrance in it.

A closer view. The large rounded room is the palace pool. Beside it are stairs which will lead to a throne room. On the water is a boat launch.

This is inside the pool room looking at the entrance and boat launch.

The palace pool complete with waterfall and furnaces to keep the water just right.

A view from the pool room looking outside the guest rooms.

The hall which leads to the guest rooms: the Akhenaten room, the Nefertiti room, the Cleopatra room and the Mark Antony room (in order).

The Akhenaten room. The double doors lead to a walkway, the water and a side garden.

This is the roof. You can see a large circular room foundation and stairs have been lain down. This is my next phase.

The red is just cotton and I burned down the entire palace twice putting in the fire places. If you light the fireplace first, then build, the cotton won't burn, but if you build with the cotton first it'll burn when you light the fireplace. The fireplaces have nether rock in them so they won't go out. If you use a log it'll go out.

In the above picture you can see a nether portal which leads to Apvia and Lakewood. It isn't in the best location but I can't really move it now. I'll just have to figure out something to build around it.

So far I have completed 5 rooms! I think this thing is going to be huge when I'm done.


  1. Really wonderful! Many people forget, that sandstone is also very beautiful!