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Thursday, March 10, 2011

More minecraft: cactus tower and huge road

So I've been doing a lot on my game. Probably too much. I maybe need a life. But I digress...

I made a cactus factory that replaced Malvin's Cacti & Dye (the meanest prick in town).

I started with a sketch:

I built the foundation:

Made the building:

It's two stories (96 cactus in total) and produces a lot of cactus. The pieces are delivered to Gravehome via an underground water system:

I might add another two stories or maybe place a mob tower on top. I'm not sure.

I've also built a huge road to meet up with Lakewood Cottage. It isn't very safe yet but there are a few travelers houses along the way:
WARNING: This file is huge!

The white line is the road and the oval is a huge tunnel.

The road takes around 10 min to travel completely

This house is about 2 min from Lakewood

The house only has the one room

My daughter made this house:

I accidentally let a Creeper blow it up (but I repaired it).
It's about 4 min to Lakewood from here.

Master bedroom upstairs

Common room in basement.

And I ran into some slimes in my travels. There were so many I think Notch must have made them common; mind you, I've only seen them in Spiderhome:

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