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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I built a Fukushima nuclear reactor!

I decided Apvia wasn't getting enough energy so I built a Fukushima style reactor and wouldn't you know it - the damn thing blew up on me!

Areal view (it isn't safe to get any closer)

View from the Creeper statue

Archival picture of reactor

Inside breach view

Taken by robot

Taken by robot. This is a uranium reactor so you can see the rods melting. More radiation is coming in from the roof where chunks of rod blew through the roof and are now sitting exposed on top.

Luckily I built this plant some distance from Apvia so the damage should be containable. Lots of radiation is spilling into the ocean, unfortunately, but the people of Apvia don't really care much about marine life except to eat it; there is hope the radiation will kill lots of evil dolphins.



  1. Add zombies and creepers to the mix and you are screwed!

  2. HAHAHA, this is clever. I'd like to know how you built it, I kind of want to build my own now.