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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Minecart Powered rail

I finished the small minecart station (Boodle Station) at the end of the Fucushima line and in the process got to play with powered rails.

I have decided to leave the booster carts on this line (I loose - nostalgia) but enhanced the line with power. My future lines will all be powered as I expect boosters to stop working in some future update.
This is Abby Station where all you need to do is get in the cart and hit the button. It's simple to build: two rails and a block with a button. The chest holds spare carts.

I experimented with different boosters and found one rail and two buttons works the best; anymore rails and the booster gets unpredictable.

This is the approach to Boodle Station.

This is the approach but from inside the station. The cart has the same 2 rail and button configuration.

This is the station from outside. I got tired of waiting for it to stop raining.

This is the Boodle district. The building to the far left is Boodle House: an exclusive club for gentlemen.
Here is a map of Boodle so far:

I rendered a world map and it came out at 37mb! Blogger rejected it.

Boodle was the name of the very first gentleman's club in England and Harrington house is named after the type font I'm using for these maps.



  1. Nice, especially the gentleman's club. I haven't messed with the boosters yet because I wasn't sure how to implement them. You're work is giving me all sorts of ideas.

  2. Really sweet map, this has inspired me to go and waste the rest of my night building something epic

  3. Awesome! I didnt know they had boosters in minecraft!! lol.

  4. Very nice!! could you upload the save??

  5. > Anonymous

    OK, I did. It's in Downloads and Archives above.

    Thanx for reminding me :)

  6. can i take the last train home?