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Friday, April 29, 2011

Minecart Rail Stations

I'm still playing with minecarts and trying to build better rail stations. I've built quite a few now.

The minecarts can now travel everywhere in Apvia including Lakewood!

I've learned a few things since my last post on minecarts.

Trying to make minecarts that continuously travel from one destination to another is possible and looks pretty cool, however, since they don't travel that far empty building them is really super expensive! The other problem is, well.... this:

So I'm going to stick with the button method in my builds, however that is annoying too. The carts stop when they reach unpowered power rail, so you have to push it back or break it down and replace it.

My solution is to add a second switch at the end of the booster rail. That way I can hit the button and nudge the cart and it'll return to the starting position.

So I get in the cart and hit button 1 and I'm off (in this case to Empire Station) but when I return the cart will stop right away. To get it back against the starting block I just hit button 2 and nudge the cart. It works pretty well.

The other thing I discovered was some magic squid that could float in the air!?!

Oh well, they made me laugh.

Java... go figure.



  1. There are squids in your house! O.o

  2. you should pimp out the carts or something

  3. Why not make a starting boost spot for your carts?

    Its pretty simple. The cart gets stopped on the downhill, you hit a button and gravity moves the cart forward on the now powered rails, sending you happily on your way :)