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Friday, April 15, 2011

Minecart Railway Station

I started a new minecart station and finished a new rail cart line: the Fucushima express. I just got really sick and tired of walking all that way.

The railway is under the Fucushima road and while it doesn't actually go to Fukushima nuclear reactor it does go by it (thus the name). The railway doesn't really go anywhere yet but its destination is close to the Creeper temple I last posted about.

Fucushima road is above and the rail below. Just beyond the far hill is the power plant.
 The building on the right is where Abby station is located.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The line starts at Abby station which is under The Plutus Group Building (the one on the right in the above picture). In the picture below is the bridge where the smoking room is located. The new bridge (closest) is for the minecart track.

The two sets of ascending stairs lead to platform B where the Fucushima express departs.

This is platform B where the mine cart departs. I built a booster beside it and the container box has some spare carts in it.

This is a clear view of the bridge between the buildings:

The booster cart automatically resets itself.
Here is where the mine cart leaves the second building and descends into the tube. You can see the Fucushima reactor in the background. It's still leaking.

The track turns left here then right where it encounters a booster.
On the right the track goes to Apvia and on the left past Fucushima.:

Here is another booster. This one will boost a cart no matter what direction it is traveling in. It's strong enough to boost a cart right to the end of the line:

I tamed another wolf and he (she?) decided to catch a ride. I learned It's hard to get them out of a cart.

The wolf climbed in a few carts while I was building the tunnel. He (she?) was even boosted way down the line a couple of times! More often than not it just got in my way and stopped my cart.

I hope to build a line out to Lakewood soon: