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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Minecraft Powered Rail

I thought I would post about the best way I've found to use powered rail so far.

There are stations all over Apvia to save walking time rail has become really important.

To start: this is the basic starter booster I have been using. It is a chest to hold minecarts, a block and switch and 5 powered rails (which minecraft wiki says gives the biggest boost).

Below are examples of  two way powered boosters (they'll boost a cart traveling either direction. The one on the right uses switches that turn power on when a cart runs over them. The one on the left is permenantly on by way of a redstone torch.

Below is an illustration of how a permanently running station works. The cart is always moving between the ends of the line.

I added two redstone torches per booster because sometimes the cart will stop. I'm not sure if it's a bug or I'm doing something wrong. Either way two torches fixes the problem

There is a loading platform where travelers can get in and out of the carts with a right click. Users simply wait at the station for the train to arrive and get off wherever it is they want to go. You can have many platforms and make the lines as long or short as you want or even make it go in a circle. I'm not sure if this is too disruptive on a server though since minecarts tend to use up a lot of clock cycles.

Mobs will, however, gum up the works on occasion. I'm waiting for the first creeper to arrive on a platform.

Thanx for following :)



  1. Useful info, I still haven't played around with the powered rails yet, but this gives me more confidence.

  2. thats whats up, now you can move all your e-drugs

  3. Why is it that animals and zombies want to catch a ride in the mine cart!? lol.

  4. you have to protect your rail by either lifting it above the ground 3 blocks, or walling it off, and lighting it all sufficiently. Also, make sure there is no grass inside your rail's perimeter wall. this should keep all mobs from catching a ride. I spend about 30% of the time it takes to build the rail just building retention walls and lighting it.