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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mob Gallery

I built a monster gallery which is basically an arena for fighting monsters.

It consists of a huge empty dark room complete with traps - so watch your step!

There is also an upper room of the same size with two monster (mob) spawners. It has holes in the floor so the monsters drop down on you!

The gallery is meant to be outrageously hard for those days when you just want to kill monsters. There are a couple of chests hidden in the room so you can get new weapons and healing (you'll need both soon enough).

I also finally completed an epic stairway going to the bottom of Grave Home so no more falling off ladders!

A long window allows other players to watch. The double doors on the right lead to Abby Station and other buildings; including the dungeon.

View from cactus collector. I made the hallway wider. The fence is where the stairs to lower Grave Home are.

View inside gallery. The door on the left is where you'll enter the room from the entrance shown below.
Enter the Gallery if you dare. There is a chest to leave valuables and then a long tunnel to the Gallery. I did this since a creeper blew apart my first entrance. The stairs go up to the Tri Force Alter (respawn area).

Stairs to lower Grave Home.

Stairs from lower Grave Home to Monster Gallery.

I'm trying to make a new map and saved game file but I need to figure out how to host them. It seems Fileserve is too cumbersome for some people and blogger doesn't like the new map file size. So as soon as I can bet on top of that I'll post updates.


  1. Now the gallery just needs some pictures! Also, maybe thing about reinforcing the doors with obsidian frames?

  2. I have me settings on peaceful so there are no creepers blowing up my crap! lol.

  3. > Astronomy Pirate

    Good idea! I'm going to do that.

    > ed

    It's very large. It's also close to the surface which means the mobs spawn there instead of in the city.

    > Zombie

    I keep my finger close to the esc key when I'm in sensitive areas.