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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Error in UpdateEntity(), check millenaire .log

 Addendum: The babyanimals mod and the millenaire mod aren't compatible which caused the following:

I was messing around with a lot of mods yesterday. I updated my ATI graphics and installed shaders. This was a huge complicated task but well worth it. I installed the baby animals mod, made some more maps, installed a sound mod, tried out invedit, etc...

I did a lot of stuff and somewhere in there I crashed my millenaire mod. I couldn't trade with the villagers anymore.

Then I started getting this error:

And it wouldn't go away.

After a lot of sleuthing (the minecraft forum was down) what I found was that the new millenair isn't compatible with the old villages.

 This is some of what the log said:

0.5.4 19-05-2011 04:04:40 ERROR: townhall_0 at 2057/69/-328/2/1 Sept-Frères-le-lac: Exception in TileEntityBuilding.onUpdate():
0.5.4 19-05-2011 04:04:40 Exception, printing stack:
0.5.4 19-05-2011 04:04:40 java.lang.NullPointerException
    at MLTileEntityBuilding.updateTownHall(
    at MLTileEntityBuilding.m_(
    at et.g(SourceFile:1058)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.j(SourceFile:1334)
    at Source)

I had to go around to the villages and burn down then hack apart the town halls. It was fun - I felt a little like a conquistador beating on the locals. The locked chests take a while to hack apart. They seem to be obsidian or something.

Once I destroyed the town hall the error went away. The villagers built new town halls and relations with the natives resumed as normal.

There is a different solution posted on the Millénaire - NPC village forum thread (now that it's back up and running) but I think my solution has a certain sadistic charm that is well worth it.

Addendum: Unfortunately the villagers all disappeared on me after I left the game. I had to restore a saved game that didn't have the baby animals mod to get them back.



  1. AHHHHHHH that happend to me i still cant fix it if i try to burn the villige down it dosent work coz mine crashes as soon as that popet up rrrrr can some one HELP oh yeah who ever made this site...Well done

  2. > Anonymous

    What worked for me was only burning down the town hall, I left the rest of the town alone. See if you can read your log error. It should tell you which buildings are causing problems.

    But first you need to find the mod causing the trouble and get rid of it. I know it sounds like a lot of work but I did a whole new install saved every step of the way so I could restore if needed. Once I did all that I burned down my town hall just to make my save compatible with the new version.

    Remember too that the new minecraft 1.6 is being released this week and who knows what fresh hell that'll cause!?!

  3. This happened to me! But I didn't download anything apart from the Millénaire mod. That error messege came up and I burnt down everything and it still came up! It started coming up as soon as I killed one of the villagers who was spinning round in circles. The way I fixed it was by starting a new world :'(

    When I downloaded the babyanimals mod as well. I got the black screen. So i had to uninstall it. It took forever!

  4. > Rachel

    I've found the village mod errors are generally from incompatible buildings. So if you look through the millenaire logs and can find the offending building and get rid of it the error can go away, however, I'm sure this is only one kind of error and one solution.

    I was able to re install minecraft and millenaire without the baby animals then load my saved game. I still got an error so I had to find the incompatible building and destroy it. Then it all worked again.

    The trouble seems to be that the buildings are changing in the millenaire versions so one save might not be compatible with another if you've changed versions or Notch has decided to update something.

    I'm sorry you had to start a new game but I'm sure if you just keep hacking you'll eventually find a solution. Half the fun of minecraft is hacking it, for me anyway ;D

  5. The buildings spawn when I make a new world but there are no humans and the error message is still there someone help!

  6. @Anonymous Same here just spawns building no people

  7. i started a new game and the error went away will it come back plzzz answer

  8. > Anonymous

    I've been having a really bad time with this mod too.

    I love it still but it's seriously flawed.

    I have had to rebuild several villages a few times which has created some interesting ruins.

    My problems seem to stem from updating minecraft or millenaire. It seems the villages aren't meant to survive from version to version and the creators seem unapologetic about this. My advice is don't update if you're attached to a village. If you do update you can expect your village will be destroyed.

  9. i have this it says i have a entity update problem but eveything seems fine does anyone know whats going on

  10. >Anonymous

    You know the old saying: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it?"

    Sometimes a patch or update etc doesn't (or won't) propagate properly for whatever reason; this sounds like the case to me. But seriously, if it works, I wouldn't worry about it.

  11. okay i read the logs it said that the error was the inn i desrtroyed them all no error know i hope they rebuild them
    oh well dousent matter i guess

  12. I get this error from one of the villiage children the only way to fix it is to kill the child the problem is that the little bastard is just like kenney from south park no matter how manny times I kill him he just respawns grrrr!

  13. To me it says command.noknowvillage . Why ? Pls help me

  14. I just burned a fucking tree and this happened to me too!!!!! Im so confused

  15. How to get the Error away that thing with burning the town down i dont want to do. Because im at the mission where i have to get cross timber frame and plain timbemr frame. But i dont know how to get them. It was the second thing i was asking about...
    But how to i do if i dont want to burn it down??

  16. Mine says its for a ruinedfarm and I deleted the file to it but it says the same thing, hwo do I fix it?

  17. Mine says its for a ruinedfarm and I deleted the file to it but it says the same thing, hwo do I fix it?

  18. Hey, I got the problem aswell but i got Technicpack installed. How can i reach the folder and how can i completely remove the townhall? Please reply D:

  19. This is the error I get. Does this make any sense to anyone else?

    2.4.6 01-09-2012 16:31:37 ERROR: Ingvald Odomar/indian_soldier/indian_soldier//mob/indian/ML_rajput_warrior0.png/-1562907220910222780: Could not find villager type indian_soldier in culture norman
    2.4.6 01-09-2012 16:31:37 ERROR: MLVillager: Deepti Dusadh: Exception in Villager.onUpdate():
    2.4.6 01-09-2012 16:31:37 Exception, printing stack:
    2.4.6 01-09-2012 16:31:37 java.lang.NullPointerException