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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How To Hack (Mod) A Texture Pack Quickly and Easily

So I was using Ovo's Rustic Pack and ed suggested that I pimp out the minecart. I think he correctly noticed that the cart didn't match the pack. I noticed it too once he pointed it out - thanx for the idea ed!

Now editing texture packs seems like a huge job. I mean you have to open files and draw new ones and look for textures and all that. Well,... forget it,... I'm too lazy for that, I just want to minecraft!

In typical hacker fashion though I've found a short cut.

I looked around for a texture pack that had a pimped minecart that I liked and ran across Glimmars Steampunk and it's just off the hook!

So I downloaded it and placed the file in [user]/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/texturepacks (this is an HD pack so you might want to check out: How to install an HD (High Definition) texture pack).

I ran the pack and saw that I liked the cart. So I opened up the pack with 7zip and found a a folder called item:

And in there I found cart.png

So I extracted the folder "item" to my desktop. I then opened Ovo's Rustic Pack with 7zip and dragged the "item" folder from my desktop into it. 7zip asked if I wanted to replace the existing item folder, which I did. At this point I could have selected and changed around the contents of the item folder, but I didn't, it's that lazy thing again.

I closed 7zip and fired up minecraft and pow-boom, there it was: Glimmar's cart in Ovo's texturepack.

Now I want to mod the mobs.

And I'm thinking about making a texture pack..... damn.....



  1. Hey creeper! Get out of my minecart!!

  2. That's a pretty cool idea. Also, the glimmars texture pack looks pretty good too.

  3. This is a really great tutorial. Plus love the creeper in the minecart. :)