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Monday, May 23, 2011

Village Update

Some strange things have happened since I installed the Millenaire mod and Humans+

Sept-Freres ended up getting a sister village right beside it because I used a village wand on its town hall after burning it down. I thought I had destroyed the village but it was the Baby Animals mod causing the trouble. After I fixed the problem I had two villages.

Since adding Humans+ the villages are under constant attack. Knights ride in and kill the inhabitants. It's all quite bloody and they don't even spare woman and children! The raiders will just enter buildings and slaughter entire families. The village mobs respawn soon enough and it isn't having an effect on the population.

This is an assassin which won't attack evil characters. He didn't attack me.
I suppose since I'm apparently evil the spiders won't attack either.

The town has also acquired a friendly spider. It hisses and climbs but won't attack!?! I'm wondering if somehow I have become evil. Perhaps the villages are evil too,... it just shows how subjective ridiculous alignment systems are.



  1. Spiders arent attacking either? :p

  2. Use your evil hordes to conquer the world!

  3. > Astronomy Pirate

    I'd like to but it turns out evil doesn't like to cooperate :(

  4. kill the spider with fire!

  5. I think you are better than most mmmm

  6. you do realise that spiders won't attack you during the day?