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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How To Install The Zeppelin Mod

The reason I chose the zeppelin mod is because it allows people to make their own flying vehicles.

The mod searches for connected blocks and tries to guess what is the vehicle and what is the world. It is limited to 1024 blocks and they cannot be connected diagonally.

I had some troubles installing this mod; not because it's hard to do but because there are some bad instructions out there (I specifically mean this site). I mean seriously: that really messed me up! So here is my version:

Warning: This mod is more than a little rough around the edges. Expect it to screw up. I've been flying and had my ship vanish! Another time the ship dumped me and kept going! It's also vanished only to be found in its original position but now unmovable and with an invincible controller block. I don't know why it behaves this way.

I follow two basic rules that seem to help the mod run better:

1 - Don't try and go faster than your computer can render or the ship will vanish (or worse).

2 - Don't leave a block active and save a game. Sometimes it's OK but sometimes not. So to be safe deactivate ships before leaving the game.

Remember: You should always back up your files before you install a mod (I really mean it, I'm not just covering my you know what). I recommend making a copy of your entire minecraft folder with saved games and all; just to be safe. 


This mod requires the Modloader mod. If you don't have it you'll need to install it. If you have it installed already then you can skip this part.

Installation How To: ModLoader

You'll need to download and install ModLoader Beta 1.7.3  (More info)       

Once you have the file just open it with 7zip (don't extract);

Then open C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin\minecraft.jar with 7zip (don't extract);

Drag the contents of ModLoader to minecraft.jar

While minecraft.jar is still open delete the META-INF folder (if it's there).

That's it! ModLoader should be installed!


To Install The Zeppelin Mod:

Download the latest version:  Visit the official site

Drag and drop the downloaded zip file into C:\Users\[your User Name]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods

There, done! That's it, really.


My last video: Flying Airships In Minecraft, used the Zeppelin mod, so you'll notice differences.

So, I hope this helps someone.



  1. I'll remember this when i get minecraft

  2. it does not wok i get a black screen

  3. You need to be really careful that you have the right versions of minecraft and mod; that is, that they are compatible.

  4. you bloody legend

  5. when i place in mod folder and i right click the mod it comes up with something that says axisaligned bb faiure (wu.class). Please help

  6. Didn't work, showed the splash screen, then went black. Are there more steps?