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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

minecraft server builds

So I've been really busy with the new server. I'm planning a bunch of server tutorials but for now I thought I would share some of my builds and maybe explain what I've got running so far.

This is the ... um... house I've been building. The space invader is on a mob tower and behind it is an auto garden that drops all my swag down to my workshop for me.

Here is the workshop. The "stuff-o-matic" is the mob tower. The switch beside it flushes it. The mob tower isn't very big so to make it more efficient I can pull the lever and all the mobs come washing down. On the other side of the nether gate is a huge room and stairs that leads to the mines

Another view of the room above.

The wheat and seeds from the automatic garden fall down in front of the first chest.
The automatic garden on top of the mountain. The switch is over the chest.

A small town full of admin shops. I got iconomy running and the only source of money is gold ingots which can be sold for $10 each. I wanted a gold based economy to avoid the runaway inflation that plagues most servers. So far it seems to work really well. The spawn area is just over the far hill beyond the town. In the far background you can see where someone else is building a house.

This is a random town created by the map. So far no one has taken any interest in it. I added an admin shop that sells chain mail which is otherwise impossible to get.

My ranch built more for utilitarian purposes than aesthetics. The tower in the foreground is a snow golem guard tower. He escaped and you can see him beside the water.
This is the rear of the ranch and again you can see guard towers with escaped golems. The towers work pretty well when the golems are in them. The guard is still in the far tower. What happens is that when they see a mob they pelt it with snowballs which distracts the mob so I can move in for the kill. Unfortunately though sometimes they escape trying to pursue a mob.

Also you can see my tree farm which is covered in a glass roof to keep the trees from growing too high. There is a torch beside each tree and I can get 90+ pieces of wood from each harvest - which is how I built the ranch.

The server is running iconommy, LWC and chestshop. Run altogether they allow for private chests and for players to sell things to each other. So far there isn't much economy due to a fewness of players. If you want to join in just drop me an email or say so in the comments. For now anyway I don't want a lot of players because I want the server to run nice and fast so it will be a first come first serve basis. It is a survival map. See the Server link in the bar above.