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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Castlegaurd continued...

So this is going to be a bit of a long post because I've built a lot of stuff in Castlegaurd (Apvia map), so much that I have to leave a lot out. If you want to see it all you'll need to download the map. I'm going to try and make it available soon. Maybe I'll make another video?...

Anyway, to start this is a night view of Castlegaurd. I took a day shot but this looked better. As you can see there was a huge chunk error, so I decided to make it part of the town. It's still a work in progress and I'll have the cliffs covered in houses soon. I think it'll look pretty descent.

Under Castlegaurd is a maximum security hard labour prison where inmates work the mines.

Castlegaurd at night
Cliff house. At the bottom is a gatehouse with a tunnel that runs right through the mountain.
Street view. You can see the towers in the background from my previous post. Under the ground is a huge chamber and underwater room. There are also open tubes (fenced off) that provide light to the chambers below (see next pic).
Under the town.
To the left is a large house. It's more aesthetic than functional, and to the right is the huge boat house (minus the boat right now).
Squidward looks disgruntled as usual. The city wall runs right into the boathouse.
This view is from under the cliff house. I figured I better add this shot before I built more houses.
The boathouse will have a ship in it soon. I thought I'd post some before shots.
This took me quite a while to build.
There should be lots of room for a good sized ship.
The infamous mines of Castlegaurd! You can see that there is a hole that goes right through the map into the abyss.
The prison with lights out.
The prison with lights on.
Doing hard time.

That's it for now. It's pretty hard to get a feeling for the place just from photos. I'm going to probably make a video. A lot has changed on the server world too and I'll try and post some of that too.



  1. what is the seed??
    And coordiantes of the mountain..

  2. I don't know the coordinates since Single Player Commands lost its warp feature I haven't been to Castlegaurd in some time. BTW, you should click on the text link above and grab the Humble Bundle games (if you want them).