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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Minecraft Paper Figures

So I was messing around today and made some paper figures for my RPG. I was thinking it would be fun to introduce some minecraft mobs as monsters into AD&D. Imagine my players surprise when a creeper runs up to them and explodes! Or better yet an enderman telaports into camp and out again with a prized magic sword! Oh yeah...

Of course someone can make up their own game with these paper figures or just play with them as is - they're pretty fun just by themselves. The .PDF files are in downloads at the top of the page or just click on an image.

So to make these paper figures I recommend printing them out on some card stock. I had to take mine to Staples. Also you'll need scissors, glue and a ruler. You could always cut them with a hobby knife. I used a paper cutter. Scissor are probably the worst since nice straight lines are important for them to stand straight.

You'll have to cut each one out and then bend them slightly against a ruler. Keep the ruler tight against the guide lines to score them, then bend them the other way for gluing.

Next bend the edges back the other way and glue them together. Be careful not to crush them.

Glue the flaps together and stand them up.

My army of mobs!


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