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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Airship .schematic

Here are three common airships found on my map. You can find the .schematic here or on the downloads page above.

The first is an Air Apvia passenger airship. It has seen a little use but can carry a lot of people. The pilots have been known to party and have a reputation for being a little wild. Be careful this one uses hydrogen so you won't want to smoke on it.


Next we have the Castlegaurd light trader. These ships are famous for trading all over the map. They have a reputation for driving a hard bargain.


Finally we have one of the very first large airships ever made. This one was cruising the skies of Apvia hauling goods back in Alpha when a search for airship on google would hardly produce a dozen images. Sure there are bigger ones now but this is still a heavy lifter.



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