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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Collossal Mob Tower

I posted about building the Etchy2016 Highly Efficient Mob Tower a while ago. Well, I took his design and went a little crazy with it. I fused six towers together and made all the mobs come to a central point where they can be slain at your convenience. I managed to reach level 40 in less than five minutes and had tons of swag. A skeleton even dropped a magic bow. It's pretty crazy.

The tower has an on/off switch that will stop it from spawning mobs. It also has a panic button in case something goes wrong so you can seal the portal before a creeper can get loose. It also has a safety where if the glass block is broken sand will drop and block off the mobs. I added this after being blown up during testing. Unfortunately water will still flood out but you won't be dead. It's an easy repair, just go up the ladder and add more sand.

And the Colossal_Mob_Tower .schematic

Colossal Mob Tower
The mobs come down these flow channels.
Looking up.
This switch will turn the entire tower on or off. It keeps mobs from spawning.
The panic switch. The ladder goes to where the sand can be reloaded if there is a mishap.
I used a half block but it didn't work so I went back to the glass block (not shown).
I want to say thanks to Etchy2016 for his great design. I had a lot of fun building it then modifying it.


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