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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Desert temple, city and Minas-Tirith in ruins.

I made a new city some time ago called Numinus (new.minas) which is under the shadows of a ruined Minas-Tirith. The ruins are filled with monster and treasure and they run right under Numinus (see what I did there?). I didn't make the Minus-Tirith but I changed it a lot and turned it into a ruin then imported it. My thanx to the original creator. Anyway, if you explore the caves under Numinas you will find buildings of the old city to explore.

The idea I started with was "what would happen if a minecraft random town became a city?" I set out to build that by finding a desert city and sticking to the general style of  the buildings there already. It only had about 3.

 The building are really twisty and not box like inside. I went through a lot of effort to make them interesting inside.

The city is right beside a huge jungle biom some of which seeps right into the city. On the other side is a large desert biom. I turned on large bioms for the Apvia map just to see what would happen.

Then I thought "how cool would it be if the religion of the temple ruins was still active here?" seemed like a fun idea so I built a working temple still in use to worship some god or whatever.

 The same temple at dusk. I think the Squidwards are making a sacrifice of some kind. There is a beacon shooting out of the top and a dragon egg inside.

I just love the huge ruin looming over this city! It feels kind of creepy but is so huge its amazing to explore. I filled it with monsters and treasure. I'm really impressed with whoever made the original. It runs right under Numinus so you only have to find a ladder to go adventuring.

Numinas is connected to three other towns by over a kilometre of road (1000 blocks long) and the city is 4.5 km from Apvia. I am going to connect them by road eventually.

I didn't just make the road a straight line but kept it to the contours of the terrain and I really like the effect. Through the jungle the road is full of vines and trees making it a really fun challenge to follow at night trying to get to the next town in adventure mode.

So thanks for reading and checking in.

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