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Friday, June 21, 2013

Traveller House

I released the Apvia map on Reddit this week and got wonderful feedback from the community there: Reddit I don't think they know I regularly update this world or how huge it is. I would love to be there as some of them find out. I mean, how much fun would that be? I gave some hints but I don't want to wreck the fun of discovery.

 Anyway, my nephew and I made a travel house (he made the skeleton sign and I made the house) between Numinas and the other (as yet unnamed town) connected by road through the desert. It's meant to be a hotel for travellers between town and city. I called it Lakeview but after my nephew made the skeleton I'm going to change it to something like Skeleton Lake or something.

From the lake

I am pretty stoked for the horses update coming out next week, so I built a stables with a farrier inside.
Well, time to build some more roads. There are two more towns in the north I can connect and then I can start pushing my way toward Apvia.

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