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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Medieval Theme

I have built a shit ton of new things since my last post. I got the idea to create medieval buildings and have been going crazy with it.

This is Irl-Raes, the little town at the end of the jungle road (from Numinas). I renamed Numinas Numinas-Raes. There wasn't much in Irl-Raes so I built another house.

Here is the new house from two different views. Now there are some quality place to stay when travelling this dangerous road. Looking at this now, I realise I need a stables there too.

I extended the road to include three new towns: Corrak-Raes, Lauy Setixe, and Hyrrphussul Drass.

This is the covered bridge going into Hyrrphsul Drass, which is also the last town at the end of the road (for now). Eventually I want the road to run all the way to Apvia! The road is narrow and windy and runs to Lauy Setixe.

 Here is the bridge again with Hyrrphsul Drass in the background.

Hyrrphsul Drass will be getting bigger pretty soon. I think this will be as far as the city state of Numinas-Raes will extend in this direction. The architecture and terrain is changing too much for the city to keep it under it's thumb. This is also a small port, something the desert people of Numinas-Raes have little interest in anyway.

This is a stable my daughter made for me on fathers day. I imported it and gave it a few tweaks so it fit into Hyrrphsul Drass better.

A made myself a house here. It's just huge inside. Sometimes the bats think it's a cave! Anyway, I wanted some place close to the water. I'm not much for deserts - too damn hot.

So logging is the main industry. They are brought in by airship and left at the sawmill.

The logs are layed out, sorted and then cut up. The wood is then shipped out by boat, airship and by road. I didn't make the sawmill but imported it from a collection of  rpg medieval buildings. I changed it a lot to fit into the town.  

I hope you enjoyed this. If you did please give me a +1, a like or whatever.You can also find these images and others at and you can find me on facebook.

I'll be releasing a new map in a couple of weeks.

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