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Friday, July 12, 2013

Medieval Town

So I'm still working on Numinas and there have been some real developments. The roadway has been heavily expanded to include two new towns: Drass Aumin and Sibir Drass.

Temple of Zad'endnt
I've also discovered three new temples. There is a third town yet to be connected and when it is I'll post a larger map. The temple to the left is to Zad'endnt the protector of the dead.

Temple to Annemo
To the right is the temple of Annemo which is a giant crab the people of Numinas believe crawled out of the celestial chaos ooze and on it's back the world was formed.

Sibir Drass (The Grand Tial of Kaurn is behind)

This is the entrance to Sibir Drass which is at the edge of the Numinas empire. In the distance you can see the Grand Tial of Kaurn (like a dutchy) which is part of Stodyn. As you can see it is right on the border with Numinas but the two empires have been at peace for over two hundred and thirty seven years.

The Grand Tial of Kaurn and Numinas do a lot of trade. Sibir Drass is growing rappidly as is Tial Kaum

This is the guard tower on the border with Sibir Drass. It's purpose is mostly to control trade and security has gotten pretty lax over the years.

This bridge and tower border Numinas and the road leads to the temple of Zad'endnt and beyond that to Ostiarri Setixe and Numinas-Raes proper.

There is a lot more to show but it will have to wait until next week.

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