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Monday, February 3, 2014

A little monastery

After changing the Apvia map to amplified (see last post) I decided to explore a little bit and see what the changes would look like. My nephew was over so he joined in. We found all kinds of cool looking regions but the best discovery was this little village in the middle of nowhere.

We set to work turning it into a monastery complete with a temple. The monastery is about two days journey
away from Siber Dras (a new gigantic city I haven't posted yet but will later this week; it's about 5 times bigger than Numinas-Raes).

My nephew built the temple which I think looks really good. As I move away from Numinas the temples need to change a little to reflect new cultural influences. I journeyed further on and started building a new kingdom. I will post about it soon too and include a little about how I built it. I've noticed some tutorials on how to build some of the stuff I do (like roads) so I thought I would show how exactly I do it.

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